Through the vast reaches of outer space, past the thick cosmic slop and near the rhythmic nebula, we reach the funky planet AMISANA, a world facing similar problems to our own. From the depths of hyperspace, Still Weavens comes to life from the primordial ooze for his first full length album. Still meditates the will of the cosmos through the power of soul and music. The songs tell the story of holding on to what is important and rising above the sad and the square. Combining West Coast funk with East Coast attitude, AMISANA delivers gravitating waves of guitar and 80’s synth soul back to Earth.

Through the will of the funk, Still Weavens teams up with a kaleidoscopic cast of characters. Hip Hop heroes Guilty Simpson and Donwill from Tanya Morgan join forces with underground champions Fresh Daily, Quelle Chris, and up-and-coming squadrons Quincy Vidal and AllNat.

From the jangley strut of Still Gonna Still, to the furious space race of Do It Up, AMISANA brings new light and love to familiar sounds both retro and modern. Stellar instrumental expos and explosive vocal performances from Erik Rico and lunar goddess Tamara Renée make for a funky space opera as vast as the stars.



Im cool with arseholes,” says Alessia Cara, a 19-year-old who has spent the past year or so in fame’s ante-room – not recognisable enough to be mobbed in the supermarket, but famous enough to number arseholes among her following. “I just remember they’re arseholes, and don’t even look at Twitter.”

That’s demonstrably untrue – tweeting from noon to midnight is part of the daily grind for 90s-born pop stars, and Cara does her bit, posting and replying a dozen times a day. The notable thing is that she has avoided the personality-erasure that marks the social-media splutterings of many of her pop contemporaries. Scrolling through her Twitter feed, you encounter self-deprecation (“Describe Alessia in a video,” requests a follower; “Mess,” she replies), sarcasm and a ringing endorsement of Kesha’s fight to sever ties with producer Dr Luke. Cara – born Alessia Caracciolo, in Brampton, Ontario – is signed to a major label, Def Jam, but so far hasn’t been subsumed into the machine; she still projects the believable awkwardness that made last year’s fantastic debut single, Here, a touchstone for adolescents who would rather sit in their rooms than go to a party.



Sian Punnett is a London born Singer, Songwriter from North Wales, with roots to the Caribbean. She writes songs of the Pop, R’n’B persuasion and has been doing so since 2011. Sian attended The Academy of Contemporary Music on the Artist Development course. She is influenced by the experiences in her life – from death in the family to moving away from home to attend ACM. Sian is inspired by the likes of Michael Jackson, Beyonce and JoJo. She says “The best musical influence in my life will always be Michael Jackson, his music changed everything”.

In 2012, Sian decided to start recording her own songs as she was writing more and more and needed to start putting music to her ideas. After working with a producer in London, she thought it was time to progress towards her first album/EP. While at ACM she worked with a vast range of producers, all of whom put their own unique stamp on her songs which helped her find her sound today. She has self taught to play guitar and keyboard and continues to write at home and post on Soundcloud.