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launched in August 2009, soulm8 ezine is the most innovative urban music magazine to hit the web!

published bi-monthly, we bring you the latest in urban music news, reviews and interviews with regular exclusive video artist interviews, music downloads & play buttons and links to all the places you need to be!

the beauty of soulm8 is we include audio and video with the majority of our articles. It’s easy for you to read what we have written but it’s also nice to listen or watch for yourself, so you can form your own opinion… you don’t have to agree with us – that’s why we give you the opportunity to listen and watch for yourselves!

one of the unique things about soulm8 is we try to promote as much UK talent as possible, so if you’re an underground UK artist feel free to email us

not only do we include up to date editorial featuring new artists up and down the length of the UK, but we also bring you as much fresh talent from abroad as we can get our hands on…

finally we also include a full thirty minute DJ mix for your listening pleasure – each issue we pluck a DJ from our list and they provide us with an exclusive mix and answer a few questions about themselves…

we have no allegiance to any particular record label, radio station or company and what we offer you is an impartial view of what’s going on, what’s been going on and what’s about to go on!

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